Technology & Services

BPS...tec develops, designs and tests industrial applications of microcontrollers. We specialize in developing embedded systems in both hardware and software.

1. Analysis

Project Quotation & Management

Do you have an idea or an existing project in the embedded systems sector? Then we would like to advise you from the beginning. In the first step, we determine the requirements and the needs of your project and prepare a preliminary project plan. This sets the basis for a quote.

In the project planning phase, we determine the milestones and development risks. In the implementation stage we systematically monitor goals, consider necessary changes and document the progress of the project. Our experienced project management relies on close relationships with customers and methods that have proven themselves in a variety of successful projects.

2. Concept

Rapid Control Prototyping

Our team relies on rapid control prototyping (RCP) to accelerate and improve the hardware and software development. With this design method, a future controller is simulated by a generic processor I/O unit. This makes it possible to explore the hardware requirements in a short period of time, and to develop the necessary functions based on a model, without having to consider the processor-specific limitations.

3. Hardware

Circuit Design

We have extensive experience in the circuit development of embedded systems, especially in the following areas:

  • Microcontroller selection
  • Regulator circuits, measuring circuits and hardware controllers
  • PCB design
  • Circuit simulation
  • PSpice sensor technology



BPSmart is our flagship project, in the home automation market. With this system, you can more efficiently use the energy generated by your solar panels. The state of the solar system is monitored, and the consumption automatically increased or throttled via radio outlets. The system can be easily monitored through a universally compatible web-interface by the owner, and can be controlled in real-time. It also allows direct control, such as controlling a relay, with a single click.

Custom-made products

We have the expertise to design and manufacture the necessary hardware for custom-made products. For example, we developed the following custom-made devices:



The UDI is a 2-channel amplifier for voltage measurement without ground reference. It allows an anti-phase measurement with different references in electronic circuits. It may also decouple ground-referenced instruments such as oscilloscopes. By operating at a DC supply voltage between 9 and 15 volts it can also be used in vehicles.


The RCP-3100 is measured, controlled and regulated with the computer. It has a USB interface, through which the device is supplied with current, and has digital and analog inputs and outputs. Further facilities include motor output stages for 2 DC motors. The RCP-3100 can also be used for teaching and training purposes.


The UMF is able to decouple disturbance sequences of AC signals. The output is the envelope of modulated signals present and decreases disturbances in the measurement of small DC signals. By operating at a DC supply voltage between 9 and 15 volts, it can also be used in the vehicle.

4. Software

The software spectrum around embedded systems is diverse. With our expertise, we can cover everything from hardware-related area to modern desktop or mobile applications.

  • Model-based software development
  • Hardware-related software
  • Desktop applications and tools
  • GUI for embedded displays
  • Software to control brushless DC-motors and electric generators
5. Testing

Software testing

Using our professional equipment of precise oscilloscopes, function generators, amplifiers and other laboratory equipment the majority of tests can be performed directly at the personal workspace. We thoroughly test the quality and stability of our systems; we achieve this through continuous testing, beginning from unit tests – or functional tests –through to system tests. 

Testing Hardware

All hardware that is delivered by BPS...tec is subject to continuous quality controls: every product and every board is tested against the existing requirements. Of course this process also constantly expands our modern facilities so that our test setups can always adapt to special requirements.

Testing Hardware in the Loop (HiL)

For system tests in development the device under test can be manually, automatically, electrically, and mechanically stimulated. All outputs of the controller and, if necessary, internal variables are visualised and analysed in real-time. The stimulation values can consist of pre-recorded test vectors or results of a parallel simulation of physical input variables.

6. Optimization


The effectiveness of the device is determined by the quality of the parameters. Different parameter sets allow changing a device’s mode of operation, e.g. high intensity and power-saving modes. The better the parameters are matched, the better the application runs.

Our team applies common industry standards during parameterisation and is able to develop their own desktop applications and tools to get the best performance out of a controller. This also enables our customers to adjust parameter sets easily and comfortably.

Programming persistent memory

The bootloader also allows an independent method of programming, free of the vendor-specific programming methods. This ensures a higher level of security because the bootloader can work with encrypted files and communication, and it can verify the programmed firmware.

Since the bootloader is the centrepiece of a control unit, we focus on clear, simple and thoroughly-tested program code. The bootloader can use custom or standardised communication protocols. We set up the programming process not only on the ECU side but also write the matching programs or scripts for the desktop.